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Help increase your TikTok Shop rankings and impressions, enhance your customers' shopping experience, and join exclusive partner programs!

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TikTok Shop Design & Optimization Service

80% of TikTok sellers are currently facing many problems


Customers cannot find the shop's products on TikTok Shop Seller Center
The booth is not designed to impress in terms of Layout - Visuals - Content
Low store visits - Low conversion rate - High bounce rate
Don't know the authorized brand or genuine store
Not understanding violations, not knowing how to improve quality score
Products are frozen or suspended, channels are locked for unknown reasons

Set up & Design a TikTok Shop to increase rankings and impressions

how we can help

The vibrant and potential TikTok platform is not only a place to turn your business ideas into reality, but also helps you build communities, interact with customers and create unique shopping experiences!

Join the BC Agent network - TikTok Store Partners to remove all obstacles and take full advantage of the platform's support! See what we can do for you:
Build & develop effective shops
Set up a professional and methodical TikTok Shop account
Impressive booth design and decoration increases conversions
Consulting on TikTok store operations and development strategies
Participate in TikTok Shop promotions and price support
Register Livestream key, support Livestream session traffic
Set up and optimize ads with an TikTok agency account

Service packages for sellers on TikTok Shop

our service

  • Direct support from technical team and agency (check products, lock shop, remove keys)
  • Support brand verification - Shop Mall, tag 100% authentic
  • Open features related to intellectual property
  • Check the shop's violations (only TSP can check)
  • Support for appeals when the shop is locked/wrongfully punished
  • Update information and new promotions from the Platform
  • Affiliate consulting helps NBH implement affiliate marketing to increase passive sales
  • Check the trademark authorization registration and open the aviation industry successfully
For shops wanting to join BC Agency's network and receive support from TSP
  • Get basic & advanced TikTok Shop training materials
  • Join the TikTok Shop Partner network to receive in-depth support:

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  • Optimize the booth in terms of layout, images, product names, product descriptions (maximum 10 products)
  • Limit opening stores before the trial period expires
  • Support the shop through difficult times
  • Open the "Self-shipping seller" feature
Not yet established a store or in "New Shop Probation Period" status
  • Included 1 month Companion Package
  • Direct training course from basic to advanced (2-3 sessions)
  • Set up shop according to customer information (support opening special product lines)
  • Shop decoration:

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(Applies to all packages)
Supports increasing Livestream session traffic
  • Consulting on basic Livestream scenarios
  • Important notes when Livestreaming to avoid channel blocking penalties
  • Supports channel appeals when violated
  • Register for Livestream key
  • Voucher support during Live sessions
  • Support Traffic Live + Traffic Video
  • Provide TikTok agency advertising accounts with preferential fees
  • Instructions for running and optimizing ads on TikTok agency ads accounts
  • Providing promotional video creation services
  • Support for appeals when accounts are suspended
(Applies to all packages)
Advertising with an agency account will unlock all advanced features

Simple and extremely easy to start a TikTok Shop

How we cooperate

Register to open a TikTok Shop and optimize your store now! Regardless of whether you have or do not have experience selling on e-commerce platforms, you can start your business journey with TikTok Shop and receive support from BC Agency - Official TikTok Shop Partner in Vietnam.
Please leave your information, our staff will contact directly and advise on a suitable service package.

Register here

1. Register
As soon as you finalize the service package and complete payment, we will create a working group, send a Brief and in-depth TikTok Shop documents.
2. Send Brief & TikTok Shop policy
Based on the information you have provided, the BC team researches, plans and implements service packages for customers.
3. Plan and execute tasks
Team BC hands over the optimized TikTok Shop, sends video instructions for posting products & sample photo frames to help you freely create and update the shop.
4. Handover & instructions
Accompany the shop during operations when the shop is in BC's network; Register for Marketing, push sale, and price subsidy programs of TikTok Shop; Additional support for TikTok Ads, Livestream services when customers need it,...
5. Companion & development


Why should you choose BC Agency?

Unique Design
The creative and technically proficient team has a deep understanding of the platform, ensuring an impressive design for the TikTok Shop interface. Our experts create professional store layouts, beautiful images, optimize product titles and descriptions using professional SEO techniques.
In-depth understanding
We understand the unique features, processes, and characteristics of TikTok Shop. This helps you build a professional profile, manage products, drive sales, and ensure your store attracts and retains customers.
BC Agency is the official partner of TikTok Shop and TikTok Marketing in Vietnam
Increase conversions
Powered by TikTok and TikTok Shop, we help boost your TikTok Store rankings with SEO techniques and drive powerful traffic with agency ad accounts
Open a shop and sell on TikTok today


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