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BC Agency – Brand Companion Agency is an advertising media providing marketing effective solutions to reach potential clients with the highest conversions.

BC Agency has an expert team who is always willing to offer Marketing SOLUTIONS- STRATEGY that is the best suitable for clients to make it become true with reasonable price and service quality.

BC Agency always works with CREATION- RESPONSIBILITY- PASSION to deliver REAL VALUE to clients.

Mainly services

Branding and affirming the brand position for businesses with appropriate marketing solutions.

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Tiktok ads & Tiktok shop

  • Build a TikTok Shop
  • Join the TikTok Partner network
  • TikTok Agency account


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Ad optimization

    • Target the right audience
    • Run on an agency ad account
    • Detailed campaign reports, cost optimization


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Graphic design

  • Design logo, professional brand identity
  • Catalogue, profile, fly, brochure
  • Package, cans, label design
  • Poster, banner, backdrop design
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Website design

  • E-commerce web- selling
  • Business, entertainment, news website
  • Media, education, real estate web
  • Nonprofit web, Web design on demand
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Why should you choose the BC Agency?

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  • Elite team, dedicated consulting, multi-industry understanding
  • Top-notch pen dance content, deep understanding, catching
  • Creative, professional designer with unique publications
  • Optimize marketing costs with a quality outsourced marketing department