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  • Professional, creative
  • Optimizing 3/4 of the cost
  • Shorten 1/2 time


  • Lack of skills
Lack of necessary and sufficient information to orient the article content. Publishing tools and optimization techniques are complex and fickle
  • Lack of time
Busy with mountains of work, not enough time to update content regularly and attractively
  • Limited cost
Hesitate at the sizable expense to hire a team in charge. Or is your team still weak and not optimized for efficiency?
  • Team management
Headache with cumbersome team management from content, design, seeding, planner,...

Are You Having Difficulty

in the process of building and managing content on the site?

BC Agency is proud to be the top unit in the field of Content Marketing services with a professional, elite team, always working with CREATIVITY - RESPONSIBILITY - PASSION.

We Are Here To Give You The Solution

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  • Creative Content
  • Quality seeding
  • Beautiful, unique image

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  • Content standard SEO
  • Traffic boom
  • The route is clear

Fanpage Content Management Services

A high number of Fanpage followers is an important criterion, but it is not enough. To build a quality Fanpage you need to pay attention to the amount of organic reach on each post. To do so, the content must be regularly updated, purposeful and really engaging!

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Let BC Agency help you do it best!

Create Fanpage

professional, well-adjusted

Make a master plan

according to the target customer journey

Content Creation

attractive, right insight. Write and post regularly

Spread the content

on other groups and social networking sites (seeding, like, share)

Design images, videos

specialized, unique and synchronized in each article

Reviews & reports

periodically to adjust the strategy accordingly

Website Content Administration Services

  • Optimizing Website interface to be search engine friendly and user friendly
  • Overall and cross-cutting content planning
  • Update new content with beautiful and synchronized images
  • Manage traffic and fix website problems quickly
  • Promote Website on forums, email, PPC, Display Advertising,...
  • Report & Evaluate the effectiveness of management regularly to adjust the appropriate strategy
BC Agency will rely on the characteristics of each product and service to build an optimal and professional Website content strategy.

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Some Typical Projects

BC Agency is proud to give value - get back the trust from

50+ customers !!!


"The sun must rise in the east
Want visitors to the page must 'plant' Content"
  • Headquarter: 9 floor, 399B Vu Tong Phan, Khuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Branch: House 30E0, Street 318, group 19, Phum 3, Sangkat Tuol Svayprey I, Khan Beuong Kang Kong, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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